Universal Time-Traveling Javascript Apps with React + Redux

Daniel Ribeiro


With this talk, I plan on presenting the top notch of Javascript libraries for building modern, reactive and time-traveling web applications that are easy to maintain and are based on a one-way data flow, built with React and Redux. You will also learn about the concept of Time-Travel, which is based on Redux Devtools, and allows you to have a live editing application with hot loading and be as fast as you ever imagined you could be while writing frontend code.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Daniel Ribeiro

Senior Developer - Propertyfinder

I am a Technical Leader, Senior Software Engineer, PHP 5.3 Zend Certified Engineer (ZEND021458), Speaker and Evangelist from Brazil. I'm also a member of the local PHP community (PHPSC), and I've been working with software engineering since 2006. My focus is on software engineering best practices and API engineering, both concerning the code and the process of software development. I have a quite solid experience with agile practices and leading development teams to enterprise application standards and practices.

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